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Crazy 3D Show!Let's Fun Together!

Oct 10, 2023 HuYuan
October 2-4, 2023
Hosted by JiangXi Provincial Aviation Sports Management Center
Organized by T-MOTOR HOBBY
Sponsored by 26 manufacturers from around the world
2023 T-MOTOR HOBBY FLY-MEET (CDS) ended perfectly at Jiangxi Ji'an Air Sports Management Center!

In the past three years, there are almost no large-scale gatherings of modeling enthusiasts in China.
T-MOTOR HOBBY has for two consecutive years presenting a 3D online flying feast for everyone!
This time, we went to the scene.
This time, we came to the scene and set up the platform of CDS together with you.
To share the love of modeling and the passion of flying.
Let more friends know about model aviation and crazy 3D flight!

Once this event was announced on September 1st.
This event was announced on September 1st and received positive response from all modelers.
Finally 25 modelers confirmed to participate in the contest

The organizer is honored to invite:Jiangxi Provincial Model Aviation Team
National level judge Shi Junping
Chen Hongru, a famous 3D flight enthusiast in China
As the judge of this contest
Adhering to the principle of fairness, justice and openness
Announcing the official start of the competition

This competition has one program and two groups
Crazy 3D Show - Crazy Group
Crazy 3D Show - Witty Group
Awards of Crazy 3D Show-Crazy Group

Crazy 3D Show - Crazy Category

The top three individual winners were:
Champion: Lee Shing On, First Runner-up: Xu Gang, Second Runner-up: Mao Yitian
Champion: Li Cheng'an
Race Equipment: Model: EF114 "slick580; Paddle: Falcon31*13; Engine: HX180; Rudder: MKS3850; Remote Control: Horizon DX20; Receiver: Horizon Stabilizer Master 20310T

Runner-up: Xu Gang
Racing Equipment: Model: EF laser104; Paddle: Falcon28*10; Engine: GP123; Steering: Futaba172; Remote Control: Futaba18mz; Receiver: Futaba7108.

Third Place: Mao Yitian
Racing Equipment: Model: Pilot 103 laser; Engine: GP123; Paddle: Power Cyclone 28*10; Rudder: GDW893; Remote Control: Frsky X18

Crazy 3D Show - Witty Category Awards

Crazy 3D Show - Witty Category

The top three individual winners are
Champion: Zhang Xiang, First Runner-up: Wang Zicheng, Second Runner-up: Liao Rong'an
Champion: Zhang Xiang
Race Equipment: Model: PAU 104 E330; Paddle: Falcon28*10; Engine: GP123; Servo: GDW 893; Remote Control: DX18

Runner-up: Wang Zicheng
Race equipment used: Model: EF laser 67 inch; Motor: T-MOTOR AM670; ESC: T-MOTOR AM116A; Paddle: T-MOTOR 18*8; Rudder: Sita 989; Battery: Fuli 5500mAh

Third Place: Liao Rong'an
Race Equipment Used: Model: EF LASER 67 inch; Motor: T-MOTOR AM670; Paddle: T-MOTOR 18*8; ESC: T-MOTOR AM116A; Servo: Sitar 989; Remote Control: Horizon DX8; Battery: Fuli 5000mAh; Receiver: Horizon 7Tone

Exchange Auction Session

For flyers and vendors to get together and learn from each other.
We have set up a networking and auction session every night.
Not only can we exchange technical questions
You can also auction off your favorite products

On the spot news
Thank you very much for coming all the way to this year's CDS

for presenting this wonderful 3D feast!

A perfect venue, passionate flying,

The perfect venue, the passionate flights, the artfully beautiful airplanes, the touching wedding ceremony

We were impressed by the people who love to fly!

Thank you to all the participants and all the sponsors!

Your support and love is the biggest motivation for us to organize CDS!

See you next year!


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