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How About TMOTOR V Series?

Jan 30, 2024 HuYuan

1、The V series product is a budget series product of T-Motor.

Inside the V series our products are divided into:Motor and Stack.As a FPV beginner we recommend you start from V series product.

2、For Motors:We usually categorize it into 2 types:Velox Series and Veloce Series.

2.1 The Velox motor we have: V2207 V3 and V2306 V3, which suitable for 5” freestyle drone;They are also our star product, designed for Pilots for challenge themselves constantly so they can be free while flying;
2.2 The V2808, V2812, V3008, V3115, and V3120, suitable for 7-10” cinematic/long range drone.
2.3 The Veloce motors we have: V2207.5, V2306.5, V2307, and V2208, they all suitable for 5” freestyle drone. All motors are cost-effective motor, strong and durable.

3、For Stacks:For the V series We only have Velox Cine F7+V50A SE Stack and F411 Lite Stack.

3.1 The TMOTOR Velox Lite F411 Flight Controller are using the F411 chip,it's a mini and budget-friendly flight controller that is equipped with 5V 2A BEC.Usually recommend T-Motor Velox 2207/2306 Motor and V45A Lite ESC
3.2 The TMOTOR Velox Cine F7 Flight Controller are using the F722 chip.Smooth flying for Freestyle,precise movement for cinematic;

To meet different pilots' needs. All V series products with T-Motor approved performance. Feel the wind, free yourself and challenge your limited.

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