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How to choose different sizes of stack?

How to choose different sizes of stack?

Some beginners may overlook whether the installation dimensions of the stack and frame are suitable when they build their first FPV drone. They have different mounting holes in the stack, letโ€™s introduce them below.


30.5x30.5mm is the most common standard sized flytower aperture.The 5โ€ freestyle drone uses the standard size stack of 30.5x30.5mm. Like our F7 HD+F55A ProII stack.ย 


Some frames also have 20x20mm mounting holes at the bottom, which are usually suitable for more compact models and 5" racing drones, so it is recommended to use the 20x20mm MINI stacks. Like our MINI F7+MINI F45A stack.


The stack is also divided into two mounting holes: M2 and M3. The mounting holes of the 30.5x30.5mm stack are generally M3. Like Cinewhoop or Tinywhoop, they generally use AIO instead of stack. For tinywhoop, we have the F411 06A and 13A 1S AIO. For cinewhoop, we have F7 35A and 45A 3-6S AIO. The installation size of AIO is 25.5x25.5mm, which is suitable for some cinematic drones and effectively saves the installation space inside the drone.

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