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How to choose your freestyle power combo? Check T-Motor Pacer series products!

Jan 30, 2024 HuYuan

The P series product is T-Motor's special design for freestyle. It’s designed for pilots to express and be passionate about flying, to experience FPV in their way.

1. For motors, we have many different sizes of motors: 

① P2207/2306 V3 motor: this motor is suitable for 5" freestyle. 7 different KV build a comprehensive freestyle.
  • P2207 V3 1750KV: better controlling, special for proxy and bando style
  • P2207 V3 1950KV: suitable for juicy style, better linearity in throttle, smooth operation, locking posture is more precise
  • P2207 V3 2080KV: strong explosive, satisfies the extreme speed need of juicy and sbang
  • P2207 V3 2550KV: 4S KV, satisfies the lightweight flight such as mind-bending, bringing you a unique visual experience
  • P2306 V3 1750KV: specially designed for flow style, bring you the ultimate smooth experience with strong torque.
  • P2306 V3 1950KV: designed for acro style, precise, reliable and efficient
  • P2306 V3 2550KV: 4S KV, satisfies the lightweight flight such as mind-bending, bringing you a unique visual experience

P1604 motor: suitable for 3.5" freestyle or sub250g drone, super lightweight, only 11.6g. T-Mount version, 1.5mm shaft, 9x9mm mounting holes

P1604 brushless motor for 3.5" freestyle sub250g drone

P1804 motor: suitable for 3-4S whoops and toothpick. Lightweight design, only 13.2g (incl.cable). Two shaft size options, 1.5mm/5mm, can meet the different needs of pilots.

P2505 motor: suitable for 6" freestyle or long range drone. Perfect for flow and juicy style. It weighs only 31.25g (incl.cable)

For electronic products, we have G4 FC and P60A V2 ESC

  • G4 FC: the first T-Motor flight controller use Alpha firmware and support Dshot 2400 ESC protocol. Have HD and analog two versions can choose. High flight robustness, stable flight even with bent propellers.
  • P60A V2 ESC: The only ESC supports the Dshot 2400 ESC protocol. Supports Betaflight/Alpha/Emuflight flight controllers. This ESC also supports adjustable PWM frequencies from 16KHz to 128KHz.

For the propeller, we have P49436 props

Specially designed for freestyle for those who like to fly with a juicy/sbang style! These props are extremely smooth and durable with a greater grip. Combine with the Pacer Series Motors for maximum performance!

Follow your desire, unleash the possible to create!

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