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How to set the motor series of the traversing machine?

How to set the motor series of the traversing machine?

Sometimes, when you install a whoop or racing drone that is 3" or smaller, and then flight testing, there will still be some vibration during flight. Maybe we have overlooked an important point, which is setting the motor poles. To set the motor poles, in Betaflight, click on the "Motor" interface on the left. In the "Motor/ESC Function", you can set the motor poles.

Generally, the default number of motor poles is 14. But for the motors we use, such as F1408, F1404 or smaller motors, you can count the number of magnets, or check the motor parameters on our official website, you will find that their motor poles are not 14. The pole number is 12. At this time, we need to manually change the motor pole number from 14 to 12 in the Betaflight.

For ordinary 5" motors, such as F60Pro V or F40Pro V, their motor pole number is Betaflight's default 14 ( We can judge by counting the number of motor magnets). The setting of this motor pole will directly affect the effect of our RPM filter. If this parameter is not set properly, more noise will be transmitted to our PID controller. Cause some unnecessary motor heating and vibration.

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