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How to use the PIT function on FC?

How to use the PIT function on FC?

Now our flight controllers with PIT functions have F7 HD, F7 Pro, MINI F7, Velox Cine F7.

When you short this pad, you can control your VTX switch through a set of rockers on the remote control. When you turn on the power, the VTX will be turned off directly, and the VTX will be powered off directly.


How to use it?

After connecting to Betaflight, select the mode VTX PIT MODE, click Add Range, keep it on automatic, and toggle the switch you want to control on the remote control, it will be automatically recognized.

For example, our F7 Pro FC, there is a set of PIT pads on the back of the flight controller. Soldering is required to connect the two pads and then connect the BF.

F7 Pro FC Wiring Diagram


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