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Race Report | FAI World Drone Racing Championship 2023

Oct 12, 2023 HuYuan
The 2023 FAI World Drone Racing Championship, which took place from October 6 to October 9, 2023 at Namwon Sports City in North Jeolla Province.
As the largest competition of its kind, it attracted top flyers from all over the world to participate in the event. 30 countries and regions with about 120 competitors participated in the event, and T-MOTOR came to the scene to run with everyone to this heavyweight racing carnival feast!
After three days of intense elimination rounds, the final round was finally held yesterday afternoon, and we will report the ranking of the competition.

Open Group Finals
Champion: KIM MinChan (KOR)
Runner-up: HASHIMOTO Yuki (Japan)
Third: JONSSON Victor (Denmark)
Fourth: KIM MinJae (Korea, T-MOTOR sponsored flyer)

Junior Division Grand Final
Champion: KIM MinJae (Korea, T-MOTOR sponsored flyer)
Runner-up: CAPOBRES Jacob (USA, sponsored by T-MOTOR)
Third: GREEVER Silas (USA)
Fourth: HASHIMOTO Yuki (Japan)
Women's Final
Champion: WANNAPONG Wanraya (Thailand, T-MOTOR sponsored flyer)
Runner-up: CHAO Ting-Yu (Chinese Taipei)
Third: RIZZO Luisa (Italy, T-MOTOR sponsored flyer)
Fourth: MO Gayeon (Korea)
Congratulations to all T-MOTOR flyers who have achieved results, thank you for your affirmation, T-MOTOR is responsible for the strong, you are responsible for the use!
KIM MinJae from South Korea won the Junior Championship and the 4th place in the Open Category, using our Mini F7 MPU6000 flight control.
American flyer CAPOBRES Jacob, won the second place in the Junior category, using T-MOTOR's full power system, F40PROV 2150KV+Mini F7 MPU6000+F60A Mini ESC.
WANNAPONG Wanraya from Thailand won the first place in the women's category with F60PROV-LV 2020KV motor.
Italian female pilot RIZZO Luisa won the third place in the women's category, using the F60PROV 2020KV motor.
Warmly congratulate our China UAV Racing National Team won the fourth place in UAV Racing (F9U) group, the fifth place in women's individual, and the eighth place in youth individual in 2023 UAV Championship, thank you to all the competitors who fought for the glory of our country, you worked hard, no matter what the result of the competition is, you will always be the pride of China!

Kong Haisen-Su Columbin-Liu Tsuen-liang-Wen Danning-Pei Baoxi (from left to right)
In this competition, our products were also supported by the Chinese national team members, the following is the introduction of the configuration of the Chinese team players:
Kong Haisen:F40PROV motor + F60A ESC
Su Colin:F40PROV motor + F60A ESC + Mini F7 flight control
Liu Quanliang:F40PROV motor
Wen Danning:F40PROV motor + F60A ESC + Mini F7 flight control
We saw a lot of traversing machines loaded with our products, such as F40PROV, F60PROV, F60PROV-LV and BMS motors, etc. Thanks to the global traversing machine racing players for liking us, and we will make more efforts to provide you with better products!
The competition will eventually come to an end, but the racing in life never ends!
During the four-day competition, we witnessed the top cross-country racing pilots from all over the world, and deeply felt the speed and passion of cross-country racing.
In competitive sports, the rankings are important, but the process of your hard work and dedication is the most beautiful, enjoy the fun of flying, we will meet again next time!

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