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The Perfect Combo with T-Motor F60Pro V, F40 Pro V otor and ESC settings

Jan 29, 2024 HuYuan

Our F60 Pro V and F40 Pro V motors are our racing motors, so they are recommended to be paired with our racing electronic products.

About FC:It is recommended to choose our MINI Racer F7 for flight control. Both sets of receivers support a USB power supply. The receiver, VTX and camera pads are designed on both sides of the flight control for easy maintenance and replacement.

About Props:It is recommended to choose our F5146 propeller, which is more durable and can accelerate, brake and turn with ease.

About ESC:The ESC recommends our F60A MINI 8S ESC. It does not desync with 2000+KV motor. It supports telemetry transmission real-time temperature monitoring. In terms of ESC settings, we recommend using 24-48khz for PWM parameters, damage compensation set high, startup power set at 15%, and motor timing set at 31.

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