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Travel machine mode settings and introduction

Travel machine mode settings and introduction

Travel machine mode settings and introduction
Many FPV pilots have this question: When the remote control and flight control are connected and the channel is correct, how should I take off? And I heard that it is best for novices to fly in the self-stabilizing mode first. How to turn on the self-stabilizing mode?
So, how to add modes and mode settings in BF?
First we need to find the mode we want to set. Here we take unlocking as an example. Find ARM in the mode, click Add Range and you will see a range slider. This slider can adjust the range left and right, and can be dragged left and right. There is a yellow mark below to represent the current channel threshold. Click Auto on the left, and then pull the lever on the remote control. The program will automatically match the current lever. You can also click to automatically open the drop-down menu, select your channel, and then move the slider to the lever amount you want to set. range, and then click Save, so that our unlocking channel is set.
Then we check the channel, turn the joystick we just set, and observe whether the mode on the left changes from gray to red (other modes are yellow). After ARM turns red, the lever amount is also the same as the threshold we set. Our channel The mode setting is completed.

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