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What products are suitable for your cinematic drone? Check T-Motor C series products

What products are suitable for your cinematic drone? Check T-Motor C series products
T-Motor has many series products, including F, P, V, M, and C series. But maybe some pilots don't know what means of the name and what products are in our product line. In this blog, we will introduce the C series product.

The Cine series products are specially designed for FPV cinematic drone. If you want to build a X8 drone with some professional camera for shooting some videos, check our Cine series products are no problem.

  • For motors, We have many good choice.

Like Cine66 motor. This motor size is 2812, suitable for 8-9โ€ย X4 or X8 cinematic drone. The motor using unibell design, more durable. The maximum thrust is up to 3.3KG, suitable for many professional camera like red comodo, canno etc.

  • We have many good choice for ESC.

C55A 8IN1: this is our first 8IN1 ESC, support 8 motors output. It means when you build a X8 drone, just using 1 pc ESC is ok. With external dual capacitor pad, drastically improves the ESC service time. And this ESC supports 8S power.

C80A 4IN1: with dual TVS protection, it can prevent circuit and improve stability. Using anti-loose socket to prevent connector falling off. Big current, can support more bigger motor.

C80A Single ESC: this is the first ESC that supports 5-12S power. This is a single ESC, but without BEC, when you building the 9-13โ€ย X8 drone, recommend you use this ESC with BEC. Accurate dead time tuning, enhanced ESC response speed. This ESC the peak current can up to 100A, can support more bigger motors. And the weight only 32g, it has power density of 92.3W/g a 51%, increase compared to similar products.

  • We also have some professional cinematic propellers.

C7.5x4.6, suitable for 7-8โ€ย cinematic drone. Recommend using with 2810-3008 size motor๏ผˆLike our F100, Cine66, V2812, V3008 motor๏ผ‰

C8.5X5, suitable for 8-9โ€ย cinelifter, recommend use V2812/Cine66 motor.

C9.5x5, suitable for 9-10โ€ย cinelifter, recommend use V3115 motor.

C10.5x5, suitable for 10-11โ€ย cinelifter, recommend use V3120 motor

These are some recommend power combo:

8โ€ย cinematic power combo: Cine66/V2812/V3008+F7 Pro+C55A 8IN1+C7.5X4.6/C8.5X5

9โ€ย cinematic power combo: V3115+F7 Pro+C80A 4IN1+C9.5x5

10โ€ย cinematic power combo: V3120+F7 Pro+C80A Single ESC+C10.5x5

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