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What T-Motor’s FC can plug and play with DJI O3?

Feb 26, 2024 HuYuan

Many Pilots have DJI O3 devices on hand, but for which of our products can be plugged directly into the O3 is still puzzled, this article is for you to answer.Motor Hobby offers a range of electronics that can be plugged directly into the DJI O3, enabling users to achieve higher performance and better flight experience.

1、F7 Pro: The F7 Pro is our full function FC. It can support 8 motors output, with Bluetooth and WIFI function, convenient with building and flash firmware. It is a good choice for some.

2、X4 cinematic drones and X8 cinelifter.

    Velox Cine F7: The Velox Cine F7 is our V series FC. Integrated dual BEC, fully compatible with HD and analog. Also supports up to 8 motors outputs, support the regular X4 build and X8 cinematic build.

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