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Choosing Your Best Fixed Wing Power System

Choosing Your Best Fixed Wing Power System

 Fixed-wing aircraft (Fixed-wing plane), often referred to as an airplane , is a heavier-than-air aircraft that flies within the atmosphere by generating forward thrust or tension from a powerplant and lift from the fixed wings of the fuselage.

The fuselage structure of an airplane usually consists of wings, fuselage, tail, and landing gear. If an airplane's engine is not in the fuselage, the engine nacelle is also part of the fuselage structure.

Variable-sweep wing airplanes, i.e., airplanes in which the angle of wing sweep can be changed in flight, also belong to fixed-wing airplanes.

Aircraft in the takeoff and landing and low-speed flight with a larger swept-back angle, when the wing chord ratio is the largest, and thus has a higher low-speed cruise efficiency and a larger takeoff and landing lift. In supersonic flight with a smaller swept-back angle, the wing chord ratio and relative thickness are reduced, which is favorable for reducing the drag of supersonic flight.

Today we will mainly talk about the application of T-motor's various motors in various fields, aiming to help users find the most suitable power unit for their airplane. Generally speaking, T-motor's fixed-wing motors are simply categorized into 3 main groups: AT, AM and AS.

AT Series 

AT Series are designed for fixed-wing model,VTOL and industry field.High efficiency and stable endurance,the balance between technique and power.Suitable for experienced pilots and industry application customers.

AM Series

AM Series are designed for Combo of specific aircraft models,and designed with performance, professional platform test and world champion flight test.Better flight performance.Suitable for experienced and medium pilots who have extreme demand for power system.

AS Series

AS Series are designed for training practice,it owns cost-effective and equally high-performance. Suitable for beginners.

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