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Fixed-wing modeling for beginners

Jan 25, 2024 HuYuan

Generally speaking,the aircraft on the market can be divided into these broad categories.


Fixed-wing is the most traditional aviation model, the current market popular fixed-wing model is mainly propeller like real aircraft, culvert like real aircraft, turbojet model, dlg as the representative of the glider, as well as F3A/F3P as the representative of the 3d flight show aircraft. Fixed-wing flight attitude is elegant, very fun to fly, the development of hundreds of years enduring.


Multi-rotor refers to the use of multiple motor propeller-driven flight aircraft, with flight stability,

Operation is relatively simple and other characteristics, common multi-rotor dji elf series represented by the aerial photography machine, traversing machine, as well as many plant protection machine.


Now the helicopter model aviation in addition to flying as a real helicopter, more aerobatic flight, by changing the pitch to complete the common view of the unimaginable flight action. Helicopter structure is relatively complex, relatively difficult to operate, but the flight is very shocking.


FPV, short for Frist Person View. It refers to the first person view operation of the aircraft model equipped with a map transmission, camera and other equipment. fpv equipment can provide the flight perspective of the aircraft, through the matching map transmission, antenna and other equipment can be realized from the visual distance and even dozens of kilometers away from the flight. Since the flight is based on the real-time image transmitted back from the aircraft, compared with the traditional third-person perspective flight, FPV can provide an immersive and exciting flight experience, with the head tracking module flight effect is even better. And with the development of electronic technology, almost most of the air model can be transformed into FPV, "Everything can be FPV", the playability is greatly improved.

Today we mainly talk about the fixed-wing model.

1.Fixed wing is the most Old School model, but also the most people choose to start the direction.

2.There are many kinds of fixed wing, but no matter you want to fly a real plane or an aerobatic plane or something else, we suggest you to fly 1-2 basic practice planes to familiarize yourself with the operation logic of the fixed wing and the repair of the fixed wing. It is not recommended that beginners directly use the culvert airplane, like the real airplane or aerobatic airplane, they are relatively more difficult to operate and more expensive.

3.The novice entry machine should be relatively cheap, relatively simple structure and good repair, and should be a good operating experience, low stall point. kt board paper airplane is especially recommended as the first aircraft, kt Su 27, glider layout of the "Surfer", "Good boy", "Skywalker", like hands-on experience in the production of model airplanes students can also use the T-motor AS series of starter motors.

Dlg class players should choose the most basic dlg class practicing machine. And newbies should understand the basic aerodynamics knowledge.

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