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Fixed Wing Novices from Getting Started to Mastering

Feb 1, 2024 HuYuan

What do you need to prepare to get started with fixed wing?

First of all, there is no need to rush to purchase equipment directly to assemble a practice machine. We should start with the simulator and practice more. The simulator can be purchased on the Horizon website.

It is recommended to choose a high-wing aircraft for practice. The power of the high-wing aircraft is not as fast as the aerobatic aircraft, so it is very suitable for novice training. After you can successfully complete takeoff and landing through simulator practice, you can consider assembling a practice aircraft.

There are many types of training aircraft. You can choose a high-wing monoplane with a wingspan of about 1.2m or a gliding training aircraft. This type of aircraft is more suitable for novices and is very convenient to install.

In terms of power, for a training machine with a wingspan of about 1.2m, you can choose T-Motor’s AS2312. This motor is very suitable for beginners to get started. It is easier to choose a small KV.

After you feel that there is no problem in the early training, you can choose the AS2317 1400KV power. It will be faster and more suitable for novices to advance.
For ESC, you can choose T-Motor AT40A ESC.It's excellent performance can avoid overheating of the ESC as much as possible. In terms of props, 7'', 8'', and 9'' props are available, as well as two-blade props or three-blade props.

You can choose an entry-level remote control, and you don’t need to choose one that is too expensive in the beginner stage.

In addition, you can also buy some books related to aircraft models to understand the principles of flying, which can better help understand flying and will also be helpful for subsequent flight training.

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