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What is 3D flight?

Sep 22, 2023 HuYuan

3D flight is commonly known as fancy flight, then, 3D flight with an airplane, that is, 3D machine (fancy machine), 3D flight action is generally more intense, so the 3D machine rudder is relatively large.

3D flight maneuvers are generally more intense, so the 3D aircraft rudder are larger, as 3D flight performance can be programmed by their own actions, so the performer's actions are generally varied, so it is commonly known as "Fancy Flight".

More classic 3D flight maneuvers: ① Crane ② Cobra ③ Bowler hat

Generally speaking, people who want to fly 3D flight can try paper airplanes at first, safe and good to fly, stability and maneuverability, both young and old, is the best choice of fixed-wing aircraft to start.

Next, there are the Good Boy and the Cessna, which fly slowly and have a smoother takeoff and landing. After more practice you can try these two airplanes as an option for deeper flying.

Also, you need to fly hard no matter what, only by practicing and flying constantly can you keep improving.

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