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How To Choose TMOTOR F60Pro V and F40Pro V?

How To Choose TMOTOR F60Pro V and F40Pro V?

The purpose of this blog is to answer the difference between the 2 TMOTOR motors, We see many racing pilots have been using these 2 motors in TMOTOR.

Maybe many racing pilots have some questions about how to choose between T-Motor's F60Pro V and F40Pro V motors.

About F60Pro V:This motor is a motor with a relatively balanced performance in all styles and is very suitable for daily training.

About F40Pro V:This racing motor with 2150KV  is relatively violent and is very powerful in the high-speed section. Of course, this also means that a higher control force is required.

Therefore, we recommend that ordinary pilots choose our F60Pro V. Pilots who want to challenge the limit and have higher power can choose our F40Pro V.

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