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How to flash your FC firmware in Betaflight?

Jan 25, 2024 HuYuan

1、Confirm the flight control model

Before upgrading your flight controller, please confirm your FC model first, we can confirm your FC model in the following 2 ways. For example, T-Motor F7 Pro FC

1.1: Connect to Betaflight, find the Firmware Flasher on the left side of Betaflight and click Auto-Detect. The ground station will automatically identify your FC firmware version. Click load firmware online.

1.2: You can get this information from your seller. For example, customer service can be found on the home page: https://www.tmotor.shop, customer service will send you a wiring diagram of the FC, through the wiring diagram we can also confirm the model of their flight controller.

2、How to enter DFU mode
The most critical step when flashing firmware for the FC is that we have to enter DFU mode, you can press the Boot button on your FC at the same time the FC will be connected to Betaflight at this time, the Betaflight will automatically recognize your FC.
3、How to flash firmware through the BF
Through the above steps, we can connect the flight controller to BF in DFU mode, select the unified target, and copy all the text information for backup. Back to the ground station, directly click Burn Firmware, click Connect after successful burning, and select Customize Default Settings. In the CLI command line, paste what you just copied, and finally type SAVE and you're done!

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