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Your first full function stack: Velox F7 V50A SE stack!

Jun 28, 2024 HuYuan

Recently we have released a new budget stack: Velox F7 V50A SE HD stack. The price is very favorable, only $89.9. Maybe some pilots will be curious about the appearance, performance, function, and highlight of this stack. Later we will introduce this novices friendly stack for you.

Layout introduction:

The flight controller adopts a layout design with a large soldering pad on the front and sockets on the back, which is convenient for novice friends to solder or directly use the connection wire ( Note: when using the connection wire, please carefully check the printing of the FC ). At the same time, avoid connecting the positive and negative poles incorrectly and burning the equipment. The camera pad is close to the front end of the flight controller, which prevents the camera cable from being too short and needing to be extended. The pad positions of the VTX have been optimized to make the pad layout as consistent as possible with pilots’ soldering habits. Meanwhile, a small opening has been cut into the mounting hole, making it easier to install and disassemble the shock-absorbing column and saving installation time.

Introduction to voltage selectable pads and pit functions:

A set of pit pads and two sets of power/voltage selectable pads are added to the FC pads, so that the camera voltage can be selected between 5v and bat, and the VTX voltage can be selected between 5v and 10v. This enhances the compatibility of peripherals and allows pilots to have more options for VTXs and cameras. After welding the pit pad, you can add the VTX PIT MODE function to a lever in the remote control to control the on and off of the 10v voltage to prevent some high-heat VTX from burning out after being powered on for a long time.

Bluetooth function introduction:

The FC comes with a Bluetooth module. By default, UART5 turns on the MSP mode. Then you can use the latest version of SpeedyBee software to adjust the wireless Bluetooth connection parameters of the FC. Note: Currently, the Android version of SpeedyBee software can be connected, and do not turn off the MSP switch of Uart5. Regarding the firmware version, we unanimously recommend that any flight controller using the ICM42688 gyroscope should be upgraded to a stable version 4.4.3 or above.

Highlights: The VELOX series is suitable for FPV beginners.

The VELOX F7 SE flight controller has optimized the wiring sequence and complies with the latest wiring standards of Betaflight, perfectly matching the V50A SE ESC. The flight controller selected the ICM42688 gyroscope because in firmware version 4.4.3 and above, the ICM42688 has a stable flight attitude and low latency under the default parameters. If you pursue the ultimate performance, you can further reduce the filtering, adjust the flight feel, reduce the delay, and achieve a higher upper limit of flight performance. The black box storage space has also been upgraded from the general 16M memory to 128M. Not only is the space larger, but the flash memory speed has also been greatly improved, and its built-in Bluetooth function also greatly facilitates field parameter adjustment. Because you can adjust parameters anytime and anywhere without carrying a computer and fly freely.


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