TMOTOR (T-MOTOR) was founded by Wu Min, a provincial first-class athlete who received systematic training in airplane models in 1988 and took part in professional competitions over the coming 6 years. Wu Min took up R&D in the airplane model and UAV field for the next 16years, during which time he worked at BUAA ( Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics ) for 6 years.

In 2007, Wu Min set up Nanchang Three Luck Model Ltd. Co. and invited some airplane model athletes and coaches into his R&D team for fix-wing plane development. Eventually, TechoneHobby came into sight of fix-wing pilots. As TechoneHobby grew and brought more possibilities and opportunities to the company, Wu Min established T-MOTOR, specializing in manufacturing the safest propulsion system for Multicopter.

TMOTORย R&D team is trustworthy with years of experience in design and test flight. They adopt innovative technology for products of high quality.

Motor series with patent from TMOTOR available:
F-Series:ย Aiming at FPV racing and free flight or top-level FPV competition.

MN-Series:ย Mainly for aerial photography with unique design.

U-Series:ย For industrial and commercial applications. U-Series consisting of power and efficiency types, make the breakthrough and meet various demands from customers. U-series are occupying more than 50% of the market.ย 

Combo Pack:ย Cost-effective products that enable more users to approach T-MOTOR products.

Antigravity Series:ย Light-weighed motors upgrade your propulsion system.

In the upcoming years, TMOTOR will launch more series of remarkable quality, together with corresponding ESCs and Propellers. A whole set of propulsion systems will be available for different users.ย ย 
In the future, TMOTOR will develop products orienting VOC, intended to achieve better product performance and quality.ย ย 
TMOTOR, to be with you, escorting for our flight dream.