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TMOTOR AM20 PRO F3P-A is the flagship of TMOTOR for indoor competition.

AM20 Pro is a hi-end motor weighing only 10 grams.

To reduce weight, it is mounted on the airplane via a carbon cross.

Winding is heat resistant up to 240°C which improves the efficiency of the motor.

Quality round magnets, a small gap between the stator and the rotor, 

and quality bearings are a matter of course.

The motor can be used with 1S or 2S Lipo batteries.

Unique Point

  • Very lightweight only 10.1g

  • Considerate design with easy installation

  • Very light and easier to accomplish the task

  • Good throttle linear






TMOTOR-Fixed-Wing-Brushless-Motor-AM20PRO TMOTOR-Fixed-Wing-Brushless-Motor-AM20PRO TMOTOR-Fixed-Wing-Brushless-Motor-AM20PRO

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