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The TMOTOR PACER V3 P2207 Powerful Freestyle Motor has become one of the most popular motors in the market.

TMOTOR has updated and upgraded their Pacer motor to V3!

The 2207 version of the Pacer V3 has improved components and a unibell design to give your freestyle quadcopter extreme power.

This motor features a high throttle for precious control and is suitable when flying in bigger spaces!

Unique Point

  • Great for Freestyle Flights
  • Improved V3 Pacer Motor
  • Unibell Design
  • High Throttle


  • Frame: Any 5" freestyle frame, like our FT5 MKII

  • FC: G4 
  • ESC: P60A V2

  • Compatible Propellers:  P49436

  • Battery: 4S 1550Mah 120C/6S 1300Mah 120C

  • Takeoff Weight: 700g with 4S Battery/720g with 6S Battery(Subject to actual take-off weight)




TMOTOR-FPV-Brushless-Motor-P2207-V3 TMOTOR-FPV-Brushless-Motor-P2207-V3 TMOTOR-FPV-Brushless-Motor-P2207-V3

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