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AT8020 is a hi-end motor suitable for VTOL UAV fixed wings with a wingspan of 2.2-3.3m and a take-off weight of about 40kg. Its 870g weight can produce a powerful motor with a maximumthrust of 18kg. The maximum power is 5500w. It is suitable for 10-12s and AT195A ESC.

Unique Point

1.AT8020 can replace the 55cc engine in high-efficiency flight conditions, and can replace the 70cc engine in high-speed and high-load flight conditions.

2. The detachable propeller seat is suitable for the installation of fixed-wing and multi-rotor props, providing convenient and safe propeller locking. Method.

3. The rear output shaft can pretend to be a magnetic braiding system and try to control the safe flight speed.

4. Use centrifugal active heat dissipation and fit the heat sink at the bottom of the motor for efficient heat dissipation.


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