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TMOTOR M0803 Micro Motor KV22000

$10.90 USD

About This Product

Discover a motor that is more resistant to crashes and provides ultimate performance. The T-Motor M0803 Tinywhoop Brushless Motor has a rated voltage of 1S. Making it perfect for your 75MM Whoop racing drone. Its unibell design in fantasy blue and silver adds a stylish touch that is sure to dazzle! Soar through the sky with confidence.
The M0803 brushless motor with 2 different KVs: 19000KV, 22000KV. Suitable for 65-75mm tinywhoop. Fantasy blue and silver unibell design, more durable. With PCB lead wire to avoid motor scrapping. Agile and powerful, weight only 1.8g (Incl. cable), fast response.

Unique Point

  • Blue and silver unibell design

  • Easy to install

  • Lightweight



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