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TMOTOR 2" Whoop Power Combo With M1106 Brushless Motor 35A AIO Match XI20 Pro Analog&Vista Frame

$163.90 USD $181.40 USD Save $17.50 USD

About This Product

1. This is T-Motor FPV 2" cinewhoop power combo, it offers nimble and agile flight performance;
2. This frame using carbon fiber plate and prop guard. The prop guard can effectively reduce flight noise and improve motor efficiency. This one is the analog version;
3. Combo with our M1106 6000KV brushless motor, super lightweight, only 7.24g (incl. cable). Fantasy blue and silver unibell design, the motor is more resistance crash. NMB502ZZ bearing of high RPM for steady operation;
4. The F35A AIO with MPU series gyroscope, lower sensitivities to vibration.
With HD VTX socket, MSP displayport OSD.

Unique Point

  • Lightweight
  • Longer flight time, more efficiency
  • Suitable for 2" cinewhoop


1. Motor:M1106
2. AIO: F35A AIO
3. Wheelbase: 95mm
4. Interior space height: 23mm(Analog/Vista Version)
5. Main plate: 2mm
6. Bottom plate: 1.5mm
7. VTX mounting: 25.5/20mm
8. Motor mounting: 9mm
9. Camera mounting: 14mm(Analog/Vista Version)
10. Suitable prop size: 2inch
11. Weight: 39.6g(Analog/Vista Version)


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