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TMOTOR FPV 4‘’ Freestyle&Long Range Power Combo Match DF T700 Frame

$213.90 USD $243.40 USD Save $29.50 USD

About This Product

1. This is T-Motor FPV 4“ long range and freestyle drone power combo. It's easy to build a 4" budget FPV drone and more powerful and maneuverable for all FPV pilots to fly outdoors;
2. The frame has strong adaptability and can be installed directly or reversely. Built-in XT30 socket, simplified installation wiring harness. Unobstructed view of the inverted camera, suitable for high-definition direct output without mounting a camera;
3. Equipped with a T-Motor P1804 brushless motor, lightweight design, only 13.2g (excl. cable). Classic Pacer series unibell design, more durable. Two shaft sizes option, 1.5mm/5mm, can meet different needs of pilots;
4. The F35A AIO with MPU series gyroscope, lower sensitivities to vibration.
With HD VTX socket, MSP displayport OSD.

Unique Point

  • Lightweight
  • Unobstructed view of the inverted camera
  • Suitable for 4" long range and freestyle drone


    1. Motor:P1804
    2. AIO: F35A AIO
    3. Frame: DESERT FALCON T700
    4. Frame Material: Carbon fiber T700 12K
    5. Frame Weight:85g, with TPU 90g
    6. Wheelbase: 177mm
    7. Motor Mounting Size: 9mm(M2)/12mm(M2)
    8. Electronic Mounting Size: 20x20mm/25.5*25.5mm(M2)
    9. Camera Mounting Size: 20mm/19mm
    10. Receiver Mounting Size: 12x16x4mm

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