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Channel Mapping Changes

Channel Mapping Changes

Sometimes, after your remote controller is connected to the flight control, the drone in the lower right corner keeps spinning, and the joystick you turn is inconsistent with the corresponding one in Betaflight. At this time, there is a issue with our channel mapping. So how can we change the channel mapping back to normal?

Next we will explain how to solve this problem.

In the Betaflight menu, we have A E R T on the left side of roll, pitch, direction, and throttle corresponding to the channel mapping on the right. We first check whether the one on the right is the default A E T R 1234. If not, change it to A E T R1234 and try again.

If there are still errors after the change, we can adjust the corresponding channel mapping by changing the order of the four letters of A E T R. For example, if you push the throttle to move the pitch, and push the throttle to move the pitch, you can exchange the positions of the corresponding letters behind these two channels, from A E T R 1234 to A T E R 1234, and so on for other situations.

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