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Is 5’’ drone the best choice for outdoor FPV ?

Is 5’’ drone the best choice for outdoor FPV ?

First of all, outdoor FPV can be basically categorized into two types: Racing and Freestyle.

Racing: Generally speaking, there are fixed race lines and rules, through a variety of arches and knife flag obstacles, the shortest time wins.

Freestyle: The whole process of flying in a fancy way, in general terms, is to fly as much as you want to fly. Mainly for the purpose of aerial photography, voyage, plus post-production can be out of an eye-catching visual feast.

The classification of the traversing machine is mainly based on the main play, because we are not only around the racing and fFreestyle to play.

Race type traversing machine, the main body of the body is smaller, generally 5 inches. The arms are thin, the laminates are few, the motors are violent, and the basic purpose is to reduce weight and increase maneuverability.

Freestyle type traversing airplane, the main rack is larger, still mainly 5 inches, 2 to 4 inches of small airplanes are also quite a lot, the long-distance flight can be up to 6 to 7 inches. Fancy flying type traversing aircraft to complete fancy flight maneuvers, maneuverability first, entertainment can be fun.

Whether it is racing (race) and flower fly (freestyle) using the basic 5-inch machine, because this is so many years the whole industry to find out the most suitable for the control and racing a body size, 5-inch machine is also the mainstream of today's traversing machine.

So all in all, 5 inch airplane is more suitable for outdoor FPV.

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