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Unlocking FAQ

Feb 29, 2024 HuYuan

The drone is set to be unlocked, but after pushing the unlock button several times and pushing the throttle, the motor does not respond. What is going on? Some pilots may have several reasons why the drone cannot be unlocked normally after setting the unlocking settings.

In addition to equipment damage, there are generally the following points:

  • The channel mapping error

we need to check whether the four remote control channels in the receiver column are correctly mapped.

  • The channel threshold error

When the throttle stick of our remote control is at its lowest, which is zero throttle, the channel threshold exceeds the 1050 set by Betaflight. This can be solved by calibrating the throttle stick or increasing the minimum threshold of the throttle.

  • Anti-turtle mode

The last is that we may have turned on the anti-turtle mode. If the anti-turtle mode is turned on and unlocked, the warning column in the OSD will prompt that you are in anti-turtle mode (CRASH FLIP). At this time, just turn off the anti-turtle mode.

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