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What is FPV drone channel?

Feb 29, 2024 HuYuan

Why does the beginner pilot purchase a remote control only respond to the remote control? Why does the switch not respond? Let's introduce what an FPV drone channel is.

The new remote control in Betaflight only has basic roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle. The addition of channels needs to be set in the remote control. Different manufacturers have different remote control setting methods. You need to consult the relevant customer service of the manufacturer.

After the receiver is tuned and installed correctly, connect the flight control to the computer and you will see the four logos of roll, pitch, direction and throttle in the Betaflight receiver column, and the progress bar on the right is the corresponding channel in Betaflight. Supports up to 16 channels. The number of channels varies depending on the receiver brand.

By turning the joystick and switching off the remote control, you can see the change in the joystick threshold, and the preview in the lower right corner can be controlled by the remote control for movement. The drone's various actions and mode switches are transmitted through channels.

The flight controller usually has two optional for choices, F7 and F4. F4 flight controllers are cheaper than F7, it are suitable for some budget-limited pilots. The F7 flight controller uses the F722 chip, it can suitable for most ESCs on the market.

This is the list of T-Motor FC:

F4: F4-06A-AIO, F4-13A-AIO, F411 Lite

F7: F7 HD&Analog, F7 Pro, Velox Cine F7, MINI F7, MINI Racer F7, F7-35A-AIO, F7-45A-AIO

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