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How to choose a frame?

Sep 27, 2023 HuYuan

With the popularity of drone racing, many FPV novices want to get their first FPV drone, and the formation of FPV drone needs many accessories, the first thing to consider is the frame part, that is the whole FPV drone's "skeleton", we need to use the strong "skeleton", equipped with motors, ESCs, flight control, mapping and other electronic equipment. Frames are usually made of carbon fiber, with aluminum alloy and other materials as auxiliary.The frames on the market are usually divided into 3-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch and other sizes.

Playing traversing machine needs a lot of DIY, each type and size of rack, with different performance of the motor equipment, will present a different flight effect. When picking one you can consider the four aspects of appearance, weight, material and layout.

Today we mainly introduce the rack size and rack type.

Generally, we describe the rack size according to the "wheelbase", which is the distance between the rack and the center of the corner motor. In addition, players are also accustomed to using the size of the propeller adapted to the rack to express the size of the rack. For example, most players have a 5-inch machine, simply because the maximum size of this traversing machine can fit 5-inch propellers. At the same time, the 5-inch machine is also the preferred type of rack for most novice flyers.

After talking about the rack size, let's introduce the rack type. The regular rack types for traversing planes are: Positive X, Wide X, Long X, Hybrid, and other shaped racks and so on.

Positive X Racks

Introduction: The angle before each axis of the rack is 90° vertically, and the length of the arms is the same.

Characteristics: Balanced performance, centralized center of gravity, this type of rack has equal rotational force distance on each side, which makes it smoother to fly and has a strong sense of operation.

Wide X Rack

Introduction:If the spacing between the left and right side motors is larger than the spacing between the front and rear motors, it is called Wide-X.

Characteristics: Pitch sensitive, soft horizontal roll, suitable for flower fly Freestyle.

Long X Rack

Introduction:If the distance between the left and right side motors is smaller than the distance between the front and rear motors, it is called Long X.

Characteristics: soft pitch, sensitive roll, suitable for high speed racing.

Hybrid Rack

Introduction: If the distance between two motors in the front of the rack is smaller and the distance between two motors in the back is bigger, it can be called HybridX rack.

Characteristics: Generally narrow in the front and wide in the back, different cross roll moments in the front and back when flying at high speeds can reduce the amount of Yaw stick when steering and help the flyer fly faster.

Iso-X Racks

Introduction: X-rails are those with unequal spacing between the front and back.

Characteristics: Customized according to the flyer's personal preferences and needs.

(This pic from T -motor Sponsor polit@vonoben.tv💕)

After understanding the various types and sizes of racks, then you have to make a reasonable choice before buying according to their own needs. According to the flight mode of the drone is mainly divided into: RACE and FreeStyle.

If it is used for racing, it is better to choose the rack with small body, thin arm and light weight.

If it is a flower flying shooting use, the space should be large, the battery life should be long, the body can be slightly focused.

Finally, I hope that through this popularization you can find a rack that suits you.

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