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How to get started with FPV drone when you are new?

Sep 11, 2023 HuYuan

First of all—Let's figure out what is a traversing machine.

1.The difference between traversing aircraft and aerial photography machine.

Traversing machine is a special branch of FPV (first person) aircraft, compared to aerial photography it has a stronger mobility, maneuverability and ornamental and has a very high flight speed and acceleration; in the structure of the traversing machine will be a lot simpler than the aerial photography machine, the traversing machine is in pursuit of the speed and flexibility, so do not need all kinds of sensors on the aerial photography machine (such as vision, infrared, ultrasonic, GPS and other sensors to enhance the safety of flight) so the cost will be much lower than the aerial photography machine. (such as visual, infrared, ultrasonic, GPS and other sensors to enhance the safety of flight), so the cost of the traversing machine will be much lower than the aerial camera.

2、Traversing machine is divided into two categories

multi-rotor traversing aircraft;

fixed-wing traversing machine;

The current mainstream traversing machine is multi-rotor traversing machine.

Second—How to choose the traversing machine?

1、Traversing machine's entry route

① Finished traversing machine set - finished traversing machine factory when the seller has helped assembly, debugging.

Advantage: you only need to install the receiver to fly;

Disadvantages: the price of the finished machine is higher, newcomers to the finished machine may be insufficient knowledge of the maintenance of the aircraft lead to troubleshooting, as well as repair difficulties and other issues.

② DIY traversing aircraft - diy traversing aircraft for newcomers may have a higher threshold, installation, debugging,

The installation, debugging, and flight all require basic knowledge in various aspects.

First of all, you need to understand the working principle and function of each part of the aircraft, and secondly, you need some basic electrician and certain soldering iron technology to assemble the traversing machine.

2、Common parts of the traversing machine

① Frame: support and connect each system of the flying machine.

② Propeller: the propeller turns to bring lift.

③Motor: convert electric energy into kinetic energy, drive the propeller to provide power for the flying machine.

④ ESC: Converts the signal from the receiver into a signal recognizable by the motor and controls the motor speed.

⑤Receiver: accepts radio signals from remote control and transmits them to flight control.

⑥ Graphic Transmitter: transmits the image signal from the camera via radio.

(7) Camera: Capture the image to be converted into electrical signals.

⑧ flight control: the core control system of the aircraft.

Third—The assembly debugging

1、Assembly of the aircraft

Assembly should be prepared for the following tools: sharp-nosed pliers, diagonal pliers, soldering iron, hexagonal screwdriver (1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0), cross screwdriver, a screwdriver, M8 socket and a number of consumables, such as tape, heat-shrinkable tubing and so on. Assemble the device sequentially according to the drawings provided by the rack, it is recommended to use a pointed soldering iron to avoid welding to other parts during the welding process resulting in damage.

2、Debugging the aircraft

Need to prepare the following software

① BETAFLIGHT (flight control of the reference software)

② BLHeliSuite32 (32-bit ESC tuning reference software)

③ BLHeliSuite16 (16-bit ESC reference software)

Drivers: CP210X, STM USB VCPDrivers

The last—Pre-flight Settings and Precautions

It is recommended to set a three-stage switch on the remote control to control the rudder size of the aircraft, generally set to (100%, 75%, 50%):.

1.Check whether the propeller steering of the aircraft is correct;.

2, the aircraft battery voltage and remote control voltage is sufficient.

3, novice flight is recommended to watch the screen first fly since the stable understanding of the principle of flight, do not rush to wear video glasses, emergencies can be visually save the aircraft.

The above is a simple knowledge of the traversing aircraft introduction, the next installment will introduce you to suitable for the introduction of the traversing aircraft recommended, pay attention to T-motor Hobby. we will bring you more simple and easy to understand knowledge of the drone.

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