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Recommendations for Beginners in FPV

Sep 13, 2023 HuYuan

Generally speaking, traversing machines can be roughly divided into 2 major categories.It's indoor traversing machines and outdoor traversing machines.The main difference between these two lies in the size and playing style.

What is an indoor traverser?

First of all, let's explain that not all traversing planes are flown outdoors,there are many small airplanes that are specially designed to be flown indoors and are also fun to play with. Especially in the winter time, more and more pilots will play indoor airplanes. Generally 1.6 inch traversing planes are more suitable for indoor flying, and 3 inch correspondence planes are also OK. For indoor and outdoor flying, we recommend 2.5 inch with loop.

What is an outdoor airplane?

This is what we most commonly refer to as an FPV traverser, and its main use is for racing competitions. Common sizes are 5″, 3″. FPV flyers fly FPV (First Person View) with an on-board camera and the appropriate systems to deliver the camera footage to the pilot in real time, allowing the pilot to see a "cockpit" style view. These components come from a wide range of manufacturers and many new ones are being released all the time. Typical FPV kits cost between $150~$240 or more.

(This pic from T -motor Sponsor polit@vonoben.tv💕)

Recommendations for indoor configurations

Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose T-motor's micro-power series, which is powerful and can be flown both indoors and outdoors. Later on, if you are skilled and want to be flexible, you can buy a toothpick machine rack and install it as a violent drone.

Outdoor machine configuration recommendation

If your budget is not enough for newcomers, you can buy a remote control and simulator, so that the computer under the simulator can play.

If there is a certain foundation and sufficient budget, you can buy a flight control + TTG glasses + traversing machine + a variety of accessories (control battery + charger + traversing machine batteries + soldering iron), assembling their own FPV aircraft. If you don't want to take too much trouble, you can buy a whole airplane. You can pay attention to the official website of T-motor Hobby.

The above is a simple knowledge of the traversing aircraft introduction,pay attention to T-motor Hobby. we will bring you more simple and easy to understand knowledge of the drone.

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