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TMOTOR F2203.5 Racingwhoop Brushless Motor for Cinewhoop FPV Drones

$19.90 USD

Get better thrust and better coolingwith the TMOTOR F2203.5 1500KV/2850KV/3550KV Motor!

The F2203.5 motors come in a new and sleek design.

And are made with premium components to give your multirotor visibility and speed in the game!

Great for freestyle and racing drones,like 3 inch cinewhoops and 4-5 inch toothpick builds!

Unique Point

  • 1500KV suitable for 5" long range build, longer flight time
  • 2850KV suitable for 3" Cinewhoop/Racewhoop
  • More thrust and better cooling


  • Frame: 5" Toothpcik Frame /3.5" Whoop

  • ESC: FPV 3-6S ESC

  • Compatible Propellers:  2-5inch FPV propellers

  • Battery: 4S 1500Mah 120C/6S 1100Mah 120C

  • Takeoff Weight: 520g with 4S Battery/530g with 6S Battery(Subject to actual take-off weight)




TMOTOR-FPV-Brushless-Motor-F2203.5 TMOTOR-FPV-Brushless-Motor-F2203.5 TMOTOR-FPV-Brushless-Motor-F2203.5 TMOTOR-FPV-Brushless-Motor-F2203.5

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