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Introducing our new FPV Motor Installation Accessory Kit! Purchase products worth over $299 and get our $39.99 value accessory pack for Free!

Whether you're a professional repair expert or a passionate DIY enthusiast, our Accessory Kit to all your needs. Revitalize your motors and enjoy smooth operations. Quality and reliability, from start to finish.

Package includes

3M Electrical Tape*1:18mm*0.15*20m Acetate Tape*2

Flanged Self-Locking Aluminum Nut*6

Motor Wire Protective Sleeve*1 pack

Battery Strap*2

Cup Head Hex Screws M3*8mm*20

Cup Head Hex Screws M3*9mm*20

KSS Black Nylon Zip Ties*20

Motor ESC Connector Board*1Silicone Wire20#*2

High-Temperature Heat Shrink Tubing 1m*1

Heat Shrink 0.5m*1

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