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TMOTOR Micro Power Combo For Tinywhoop FPV Drones M0802/F411 AIO/M12199

$110.90 USD $122.90 USD Save $12.00 USD
F411 AIO

The TMOTOR Micro Power Combo include M0802*4 motor + F411 AIO+ M12199propeller.

Do you want to fly 1S tinywhoop? 

T-Motor FPV micro power combo is here!

This power combo perfect for small lightweight toothpick builds and 65-75mm tinywhoops, can meet the pilots that in pursuit of lightweight flight.

Tiny yet powerful, and its explosive power brings you the flight feeling of a 5" FPV drone.

Unique Point

  • Suitable for 65-75mm tinywhoop and toothpick
  • Faster response
  • More flexible to fly

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