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How to DIY a drone by yourself?

How to DIY a drone by yourself?

As a beginner, if you want to fly in real life, will consider to get a RTF drone or DIY a drone by yourself. Of course if your get a RTF or PNP drone, it is more convenient to enjoy your flight tour. Getting a new drone off the shelf provides you with peace of mind that all parts are compatible, functional, and everything is professionally assembled.

For many pilots, choosing parts and assembling a drone from the ground up is as much fun as flying it. This is a fantastic way to gain a lot of useful skills and knowledge about physics, electronics, tools, and more.ย 

To build an FPV drone (wether racing, freestyle or cinematic, this time we just example for X4 drone), youโ€™ll need some FPV parts, like: frame*1, brushless motor*4, flight controller*1, ESC*1, propeller*4 (2 CW, 2 CCW), camera*1, VTX*1, antenna*1, receiver*1

In addition, youโ€™ll need a lot of tools. Wire cutters, hex drivers, soldering iron, solder, and flux are non-negotiable. Others such as scissors, tweezers, pliers, and a heat gun can be hugely helpful. These tools are useful for other electronics work and for repairs.

BTW, this hobby are mainly design for high speed and high maneuverability, with some exciting or crazy skills. At some point, youโ€™re definitely going to break it.

If youโ€™ve built the drone by yourself, itโ€™s likely that youโ€™ll be able to determine the issue and fix it much faster. You already know what the parts should look like, where they go, and how they are connected. Visually inspecting your drone is far faster when you know what youโ€™re supposed to be seeing. Once youโ€™ve identified the part, youโ€™re likely to understand how to remove it, and what to buy to replace it.

Build drones are a fabulous way to get into every piece of the hobby from assembly to flight. Just getting in and flying as quickly as possible can be a good route.

T-Motor Hobby is mainly for FPV power systems, so if you get a empty frame, for beginners we can provide some perfect combo for your choice.

  • Tinywhoop


  • 5" drone

Racing power combo: F60 Pro V+MINI F7 MPU6000+F60A MINI +F5146

Freestyle power combo: Pacer V3+G4+P60A V2 +P49436

  • 7" drone

Racing power combo: V2808+MINI F7 MPU6000+F60A MINI

Freestyle/Cinematic power combo: F90+F7 Pro+F55A ProIII

  • 8" drone

Cinematic power combo: Cine66/V2812/V3008+F7 Pro+C55A 8IN1+C7.5

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