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What is FPV Simulator? What accessories are needed for FPV simulator?

What is FPV Simulator? What accessories are needed for FPV simulator?

For newcomers to the FPV world, will have the trouble of how to fly FPV drone. Fly this high-speed drone requires some skill sets, muscle memory, and know the knowledge of FPV quad. But first, if you fly in the real world, it will easy to crash and waste your money. So, FPV simulators serve as an excellent starting point for beginners, it can help you easily learn how to control your drone and fly the different skills. Beginners can gradually progress from basic maneuvers to more advanced tricks. Making the learning process less stressful and more enjoyable.

What is FPV simulator?

It is software to help you practice your flight skills. When you fly in the simulator, maybe you can imagine the feeling of flying the FPV drone in real life, you can try any skills and practice them again and again. Of course they can't do the perfect feeling in real life, but it is so close, you can reduce the crash cost and fly it safely.

The popular simulator on the market

There are too many famous simulators on the market, like LiftOff, DRL, Veloci Drone etc. But how to choose them? This time maybe we can have a brief introduction to some simulators.

  • LiftOff

LiftOff is a classic FPV simulator, the function is more balanced, supports racing, freestyle and many other types. You can DIY your drone in this simulator (like frame, motor, battery etc.) and adjust the parameters of your drone. The parameter adjustment is so close to real-life. And you can build your track, it is convenient for your daily practice. It is more full function.

  • DRL

The full name is The Drone Racing League Simulator. It supports too many different maps and game methods. With friendly beginner tutorials, it helps a lot for some FPV newbies. It also has the rank system, it can motivate you to practice, and increase your rank in the system. In the real life, they also have offline competition, the top pilots can participate in the crazy event.

  • VelociDrone

This is a simulator suitable for racing pilots. It supports many different racing tracks. Many MultiGP racing pilots are all using this simulator. If you want to increase your flight speed and skill, this is a good choice.

  • TRYP

this simulator with the high-quality footage and pictures. With a big map and some extreme enviroments, and it also offers moving objects, to help you improve your freestyle and cinematic skills. It is also so close to the real life feeling of flight. But have a bit of shortcoming, it can't support DIY your drone in the simulator.

  • Uncrashed

this simulator is suitable for freestyle pilots. Especially for chasing cars. With high quality footage and smooth flying performance.

BTW, different simulators have different computer performance requirements. For simulators with higher image quality, it is recommended that you use computers with higher configurations (such as Uncrashed).

In summary, different simulators can be used for different needs:

Full functionality: Lift Off

For Freestyle or cinematic(chasing car): Tryp/Uncrashed

For Racing: VelociDrone

For beginners: DRL

After you choose the simulator, then you need a remote controller. There are many remote controls on the market, like radiomaster, betafpv, TBS etc. You can according to your budget get a suitable remote control.

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