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How to Choose T-Motor X8 Electronic Products?

Jan 26, 2024 HuYuan

1、How To Choose?

As all know, T-Motor FPV has too many electronic products. Like F7 Pro, F7 HD, F55A Pro III ESC etc. But how to choose the suitable electronic products for your drone? In this blog, we will introduce 4 kinds of ESC for your X8 cinematic drone.

T-Motor has 4 electronic products that are suitable for X8 cinematic drones: C55A 8IN1 ESC, Cine F7+60A 8IN1 Stack, C80A 4IN1 ESC, and C80A 5-12S Single ESC. How to choose these products depends on the motor and propeller we use.

2、What's Different For 4 Kinds Of Electronics

2.1 Our commonly used X8 motor size are: 2812 (Cine66 and V2812), 3115 (V3115) and 3120 (V3120)
Our V2812 or Cine66 900KV/1155KV can be adapted to 8”-9” propellers. Except for individual ESCs, any of them can be used.

2.2 3115 We have 700KV/900KV/1050KV. 700KV is 8S KV. It is recommended to use our C55A 8IN1 ESC and C80A 4IN1 ESC.
900KV is 6S KV, any of them can be used. The 1050KV for 6S depends on propellers. If you choose 9045 or 9040 low-pitch propellers, you can choose to use our C55A or Cine F7+60A stack. If you use large-pitch propellers such as 9050, it is recommended to use C80A 4IN1 ESC.

2.3 V3120 recommends that everyone use C80A 4IN1 ESC. In this case, it is also recommended to use for 10-13" lighter upload cinelifter. If the mounting is heavier camera or objects, C80A 5-12S Single ESC is recommended.

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